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... is a dynamic enterprise that operates as an airline representative with expertise in Greece, Cyprus and Albania. Some of the world’s most important airlines currently entrust Asian Aviation to represent their interests.

Our team will support all your airline needs such as Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Finance, Legal, Cargo and much more. Our wide range of services offers a fully comprehensive package to meet all the needs of a vibrant airline operating in today’s competitive market. If your organization is looking for a reliable partner to help you expand your airline business in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and the Balkans, and you wish to benefit from our unique expertise in this field, contact us for more information.

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Our highly experienced and proactive sales teams will help achieve your goals by carrying out a wide variety of sales activities that include:

  • Field sales calls
  • Existing customer retention
  • New customer development
  • Targeted sales campaigns
  • Contract negotiation
  • Trade relations building
  • Trade show representation
  • Sales seminars
  • Special promotion events
  • Sales reporting

Decorative Dash iconMarketing

With an in-depth knowledge of the business and social cultures of the countries in which it operates, Asian Aviation is ideally suited to carry out all your marketing requirements such as:

  • Preparation of business plans
  • Marketing evaluations and proposals
  • Identifying and developing new market segments and customers
  • Branding
  • Local and international market surveys
  • Direct Mailings

Decorative Dash iconAdvertising

Advertising campaigns can be tailor-made to include all, or some, of the following:

  • Printed materials in a variety of languages
  • Posters and billboard advertising
  • Releases
  • Brochures
  • Website design and Internet advertising
  • Translation services
  • PR
  • Social Media Campaigns

To ensure the best public relations and optimal exposure for your company we provide the following services:

  • Acting as your spokesperson and local liaison
  • Developing and fostering relations with local journalists
  • Press releases and conferences
  • Product launch events
  • Press familiarization trips
  • Special events handling
  • Monitoring of the local press
  • Membership in applicable organizations

Decorative Dash iconCall Center

Our services include:

  • Installation of communications infrastructure
  • Purchase and installation of all hardware and software requirements
  • Hiring and training of staff
  • Creating a team dedicated specifically to your product
  • Group sales

Decorative Dash iconFinancial Services

Asian Aviation’s professional financial and accounting systems provide the following services:

  • Provision of bank guarantees
  • Billing and collection services
  • Operation of customized billing and payment systems such as centralized banking, BSP etc.
  • Timely remittance of monies due
  • Preparation and provision of required sales and accounting reports
  • Refund processing
  • Customer enquiries

Decorative Dash iconLegal Services

Some of the legal services with which Asian Aviation can assist are:

  • Compliance to local currency regulations
  • Compliance to local trading regulations
  • Name and logo protection
  • Legal negotiations with various authorities
  • Filing with Civil Aviation (flights, schedules, airport alternates)

Exclusive GSA for the passenger airlines:

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